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CSD-Parade 2014 Berlin

Wagen auf CSD-Parade 2014 in BerlinOn 21st of June - at beginning of summer - the CSD-Parade in Berlin was scheduled. Unfortunately there were 3 different parties this year because of internal quarrel between the leaders of the festival. In addition the football WM and the game between Germany and Ghana should happen in the evening too. Weather was not so fine as expected - only 20 °C degrees were achieved with some rain attacks and the wind was blowing hardly sometimes. In spite of these facts many people were on the street to follow the event.

The main parade started at the corner of Kurfürstendamm / Joachimsthaler Str. and went downwards via Wittenbergplatz over Nollendorfplatz back to the Straße des 17. Juni. The street were not overcrowded and all the people seem to be happy while dancing to the rhythm of the music. Right at the end of the parade there were also many people waiting for the WM game Germany / Ghana which was scheduled at 21:00 the evening. I think, many people beeing on the CSD - event went rightwards to the fanmile to follow the soccer game. Because of the weather not much skin was shown by the artists. But some of them have had nice disguise as all the years before. I enjoyed the parade much an strolled back to S-Bahn station Tiergarten through the park.

Now you can see some pictures of that great event. Most of them were taken at the corner of Urania.

 CSD-Parade Berlin 2014: CSD-Waggon


CSD-Parade Berlin 2014: a CSD-Diva


CSD-Parade Berlin 2014: next Waggon with brave guys


CSD-Parade Berlin 2014: next diva is coming soon


 CSD-Parade Berlin 2014: this one would like to become a diva... Peggy Bundy is greeting:-)


CSD-Parade Berlin 2014: some brave guys showing skin


CSD-Parade Berlin 2014: Where can I buy this body? Would take it immediately


CSD-Parade Berlin 2014: Where there is one many will follow


CSD-Parade Berlin 2014: hard guys won't fear low temperature


(C) 2014 Michael Kovar