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Helicopter "Rotobot"

modell helicopter A short time ago I bought a little flyable inhouse model helicopter from the manufacturer Revell for spending leisure on rainy days for me and my kids. This toy is only some centimeters large and is made to be used in house perfectly. As commercial is saying it is also be usable for beginners. In my opinion this does not match accordingly. It must also be said this toy is not for children under the age of 10 years!

The guideline for the age does not held me away from giving it to my little boy child. He does not spent much time to get in touch with the toy. The little helicopter comes with a remote control in the GHz range, an USB charging cable and some replacement rotor blades in conjunction with a screwdriver. For power packages you have to care for separately. After unpacking the model has to be charged. This last about 30 minutes using the USB charging cable. In addition the model can be charged using the remote control as it has also a charging cable. In this case the helicopter gets the power using the power packages of the remote control. But it ends up in some trouble getting the cable back into the remote control after charging. I prefer the USB cable. The PC is in range and the helicopter will find its place nearby.

The remote control offers two ways of navigation: the normal way using two joysticks and a new way called "Motion Control". "Motion Control" lets you navigate the helicopter by tilting the remote control into the direction the helicopter should fly. This is more difficult than the traditional way and results in a longer fun period. In addition the remote control has a turbo mode which lets you fly your helicopter faster and sometimes destroy the toy quicker too.Zwinkernd

Before the first flight the model must be trimmed to be sure it flies into the correct direction. For that purpose, a little winder exists on the left side of the remote control and is finished quickly. Then you can enter your first flight. It is important to accelerate slightly and give no jerky commands to the toy as its reaction can be falling down to the ground because of the gravity. If you can handle all circumstances you will be able to fly easily. The possible crashes rarely do harm to the helicopter and even furniture does not suffer when rotor blades come into touch with them. But the helicopter is mostly affected by air turbulences even made of its own. This is caused by the little weight and they can throw the model out of the lane. When you wish to use the toy outdoor there should be no wind at all.

The flying duration last nearly 5 minutes with one charging. Seems not be much but where should more powerful accumulators be stored? Using the USB charging cable the break between two flights is only short, so you can fly more than one time an afternoon.

Result: Rainy days are not so boring as they are without the toy. For those who like it can watch the commercial trailer about the helicopter from the manufacturer to build your own opinion.