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Treasure Trove

You will find here main information for public.

There are no articles in this category. If subcategories display on this page, they may contain articles.


  • Movies, Books and other recommendations

    whispering mouthAll my experiences and assessments concerning (cinema) movie films, books and all other mentionable things. These recommendations do not base on votings or other surveys and reflect my very own opinion.




  • Tips for leisure and small trips

    grill partyProposals for spending your leisure time and small trips here in Germany, most of them in the surrounding of Berlin.








  • Library

    Here you will find partly funny video clips and other multimedia files for streaming and download. Some of the contents are available using the Flash-Mediaplayer but this is not available on all plattforms. If nothing acts against copyright laws the files can be downloaded to show them locally on your computer. Have fun...


  • Computer und technical devices


    Tips and tricks round the electric friend called computer and other technical devices. I hope not only the common available informations can be found but also "sweeties" not to see every day. The operating system does not matter and peripheral devices are also treated. All given tips and tricks can be used on your own risk. No garantee is taken for correct working and no warranty in case of hardware defects.



  • Berlin News

    Berliner DomNews round the main city of Germany where I am living Überrascht





  • Celebrities

    StarAll about Celebrities and persons of public life from movie, tv and - not to forget - music. You can get here useful informations as well as gossip. In addition everything mentionable which can be categorized in the widest way as culture will find its place here too - just starlets Cool.