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A warm welcome to the visitors of the website of Michael Kovar from Berlin. Normally it should be called "we" because behind this place the enterprising dad Michael of the boy children Lenard and Gerrit are meant. We try to give you informations round small trips and sights of our journeys as well as our hobbies. It is up to you to estimate the given informations on your own. But: All textes and pictures should not be used without permission on other websites or in a commercial way.

We would like to thank the owner of the former site from which we got some usable pictures. Unfortunately this site does not exist any longer in the web or it is moved to another location. I have not found it yet again. The same goes to the site which spends several coloring pages for educational purpose and non-commercial use. 

Furthermore our thanks apply to the company F-Prot and the open source community which are spending anti-virus software to prevent infection of the computer system.

Otherwise much fun when browsing the site.